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+ We'resosimilar,yetsodifferent + by Useful-Toxican + We'resosimilar,yetsodifferent + by Useful-Toxican
Base: ~GMegpoid

All of these characters (c) ~Useful-Toxican

yeah, Jinx, Amber, me, Reina, Angel and Demona, I actually drew myself with my OCs because I kinda realize that even though these characters are NOT supposed to be like me...they are like me in a way

you guys already know Jinx, Amber, Angel and Demona's story...but not so much for Reina, cause I actually didn't add this to her bio (idk why but ffff)

while Reina was a prostitute, she was raped twice, once by a girl named Felicia, who was a dominatrix, and the other by one of Maru's former friends, Reina got pregnant by him and decided to keep the child, she couldn't afford abortion and she wanted someone who would always love her no matter what...however he found out about it, came over to her house, took a frying pan and beat her in the stomach until he knew the baby was dead, she then slipped into depression thinking that it was all her fault because she was a prostitute, so she tried to commit suicide by hanging herself, but her brother, Brent saved her, she also is a former cutter as well, she keeps this hidden with the arm warmers she has on

uhh yeah, you get the idea

I know I need to be working on other stuff, but this was kind of vent art for how I've been feeling lately, just urrgh

I may post more stuff and all, but idek just enjoy this piece of shit :I
brokenHealer Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what you had summarized about Reina's past, it was sad but yet beautiful
Useful-Toxican Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks! c:
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